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DM9DDB, Sao Paulo / TOK&STOK / 2017

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Our customers have two habits we don’t want to change. The habit of visiting our stores to know how our products look and feel in real life and the habit of taking their time and interacting with others in the digital environment to finally make the purchase decision.

The pinlist is a way to integrate these two behaviors in an innovative and easy way.

So we brought the Pinterest "pin it" button to real life and placed it on hundreds of our products. If people saw something they liked, all they had to do was pin it. Just as they do online. The items went straight to their Pinterest boards.

We used the Pinterest platform and created a new product and a technology that connected furniture with the consumer’s board.


An internal battery renders the button self-sufficient, without the need for cabling. Through the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) installed in the “Pin It”, and the Pin List app, installed in people’s cell phones, communication is direct and quick, preventing the signal from going to the wrong mobile device.

Besides this, we are working with background communication in Bluetooth. This means that even if the phone is on standby, the button connects to the app and makes it “pin it”. One must remember that the app must be open, even if it’s in background mode.


Once the product has been created it can be easily replicated in wide scale and it easily integrates with Pinterest through API. The act of pinning is intuitive and people clearly understand how the technology works.

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