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OGILVY & MATHER, Chicago / BEAM / 2013

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Epic nights are the ultimate in-the-moment experience. They cannot be replicated. They can, however, be relived thanks to the power of social media

Unforgettable nights deserve their own highlight reel.

Introducing REPEAKS by Pinnacle Vodka

The aggregation of all the night’s events into a cocktail of memories that can be easily passed around.

REPEAKS grabs the best moments of your night from you and all your friends’ social media sources and assembles them into a single, memorable highlight reel that can be watched, interacted with and shared.


It’s important to offer people something beyond what they already get on Facebook and other social platforms. The act of posting content from a night out with friends has become standard, we wanted to take this natural behavior and create one cohesive engaging story with their images and conversations.

REPEAKS allows the brand to become an essential companion that captures a plethora of great moments throughout the night – like a wingman in the pursuit of irresistible fun.


While our campaign is fresh and ever so youthful, just launching on April 27, 2013, mass amounts of pictures, giggles and silliness quickly ensued. Initial buzz for the Bottle Popper is incredibly positive, and we can't wait to see how the viral blaze of Pinnacle goodness continues to catch fire.

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