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Nike needed to re-launch their Action Sports Category to core users. We thought "what do skaters love the most?" The answer: To skate where no one has ever skated. With that in mind we built a skate-park at the 28th floor of one of Mexico's most iconic buildings: Torre Latinoamericana. The outcome: a 7 days event with top Nike athletes, local skate teams, core media and fans. Total sold-out of the Koston1 model, increase in social media fans and a refound appreciation for the brand by the core users.

The event was a PR success: Nike Global sent 3 of their top athletes to the event: Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Daryl Angel did a demo, gave a press conference and had a meet&greet with fans. Every local skate media covered Piso 28 and gave away tickets to their readers, and five local skate teams rode our park.


Piso 28 was open for 6 days, April 12-17 2012. Every day, a different local skateboarding team rode our park. Seeing the rising success of the event, Nike Global decided to back up the project and sent 3 of their top skateboarding athletes, including Eric Koston, one of the best skaters on the planet. They had a press conference, a demo at Piso 28 and a meet&greet with the fans.


The Koston 1 shoe model sold out in a week, after our launch event. Piso 28 was full every day, and we had over 4700 direct mentions in social media by users, guests, core magazines and blogs.

Our Facebook fanbase grew in over 400%. We had a 35 points increase in Klout Score, earning a "specialist" label.

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