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DEUTSCH INC., Los Angeles / PLAYSTATION / 2011

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At its launch the PlayStation 3 was seen as out of touch and arrogant, so when we introduced Kevin Butler, VP of everything PlayStation, we knew we needed to connect with gamers not only on a product level, but on a lifestyle level as well. We wanted more than just their hearts - we wanted their stomachs.Gamer's are not particularly known for their healthy lifestyle choices, and what better way to embrace this fact than creating, almost certainly, the most epic, gamer friendly food item known to man. The Kevin Butler Sandwich. To establish this new connection we teamed up with Game Informer, gaming's most influential magazine, and composed an article that would influence a whole generation's eating habits. In the article Kevin is posed with a simple question, "What is your favorite sandwich?", and the rest was history.To coincide with the release of the article we seeded the recipe on twitter, and its reception couldn’t have been better. The sandwich trended on twitter, and even inspired some fans to make it and tweet pictures. Finally, the story was picked up by international media, which resulted in 6,000,000 media impressions with $0 dollars spent.


Our first step was to get the go ahead from Game Informer. We then composed a fake Q&A article titled "Things you didn't know about... Kevin Butler" for the September issue. To close the Q&A we set up the question, "Last but not least, what is your favorite sandwich?" Kevin's response, "... Well, my favorite sandwich is a double bacon cheeseburger with two Monte Cristo Sandwiches as the bun. And a diet coke, obviously." On release day of the magazine we tweeted the full recipe from Kevin's twitter account, along with links to pictures of the sandwich. We seeded the story with gaming blogs and when it was picked up by "Sandwich Mondays" on NPR we did another round of PR push seeding the new story.


Through magazine, Twitter, NPR and gaming blog press coverage we garnered over 6,000,000 media impressions on our hard to reach target. All in a fun, surprising, unique way. Total cost: $0.

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