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‘Racism is real, but race is a figment of our imagination’ Our idea was that bold. DNA testing reveals more than our family tree; it reveals who we ‘are’ at our basic core and shows us that every person on this planet is a perfect mixture of many things, and that there is no such thing as a ‘pure race’. We are all ‘mutts’, many of us even containing the DNA of pre-humans. So let us demonstrate the surprising discovery of one persons multi-ethnic identity and show how that information challenges any preconceptions we might have, and how it challenges the very idea of race itself.


In Prince Ea we found a voice that was actively engaging with the issues affecting his generation and the world around him, and a person who was comfortable confronting the preconceptions of his own racial identity. This led him to confront the idea, ‘to which race do I belong?’. The writing of this journey was his and his alone. The key to our narrative and the brands future; MyHeritageDNA can open us up to richer personal identities that enable deeper understanding and empathy for others. We launched the long form content on all Prince EA's social channels including a Instagram Live Story and highlighted it with earned media coverage from Huffington Post, Cheddar TV, Boing Boing, Made Man, Flock U and others. Without any paid media on launch day, we were trending on YouTube and were part of a cultural dialogue.


• Tier 1: Media Outputs - After launching only a few days ago on April 20th, we have already made an impact on a global scale. The video has been trending in the top 50 on YouTube and has over a million views, and has accumulated 50 million total impressions via strategic media placement and earned media coverage.

• Tier 2: Target Audience Outcomes - The resonation of our campaign has proven to be successful with our target audience, as responses via Twitter and YouTube. Many Twitter replies expressed gratitude for this message with a promise to order the MyHeritage DNA kits, and YouTubers even filmed their own response videos, which highlighted their piqued curiosity about race and its social constructs – the precise reaction we were seeking to compel audiences to need a DNA test.

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