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PROLAM Y&R, Santiago / EL CIUDADANO / 2016


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Instead of creating a campaign to change the behavior of our politicians, we decided to focus on the future leaders of the country.

We discovered that honesty, respect and loyalty, among others, are values that you learn at an early age. Values that if not learnt as a child you cannot apply as a grown up, and clearly our politicians haven’t learned it.

That’s why we created the PolitiBooks, a limited edition of 5 children books that will teach 5 values through stories inspired by political scandals of our country.


We chose five political scandals:

Soquimich Case: A mining company that funded 40 political campaigns

Longueira Case: A law created by a Minister that gave away the fishing resources of our country to 7 wealthy families

Jadue Case: An ex president of the Chilean Football Association processed by the FBI

Penta Case: The tax fraud of one politic partie

Barrick Gold Case: The lands that two ex presidents, Frei and Menem, gave to a mining company

And we wrote them as children stories, with a simple and playful language, who contemplated from the beginning to the outcome of each case.

The texts were interpreted by a national illustrator and developed in 5 different styles. Finally we published them in a classic children's book format.


Our campaign was a topic of conversation in digital press and radio media.

We were also a topic of conversation in social networks, even Karol Cariola, a Congresswoman of the Republic of Chile tweeted one PolitiBook.

Visits in our website increased 500% when we released the PolitiBooks.

All our printed books were exposed in bookstores and delivered to kindergartens, hoping for a better future.

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