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The poptag platform works by intercepting photos shared via twitter using preset hashtags. The system then adds a filter, a logo, text, artwork, anything visual. The new images are aggregated in either or in any destination selected by the brand, person, or institution that set up the tag (organizer).

People are tweeted back their new image, and told where they can see it in a gallery. They can retweet the new image or just enjoy it as part of the collective experience.

The platform is designed to work in many ways, from brands adding badges (i.e. logos or slogans) to photos shared at events – through to parents adding filters during a Little League game.

Here’s how it worked for Bacardi. Club goers attending a London Bacardi bartender competition who shared their photos on twitter using the hashtag #BacardiLegacy were instantly tweeted back - and told that their images were part of the collection at We then sat back and watched the conversation explode. In full color.

75% of #BacardiLegacy tweets were retweeted. Bacardi’s overall social media mentions soared 165%, taking the category lead. A local Bacardi bartender event achieved an estimated reach of over 400,000, unprecedented and unexpected for the size of the event. That’s poptag.


The launch of the platform has resulted in national media coverage. Brands are already clamoring to use the platform to amplify their events.

What’s next? Richer functionality via new tags. For example, a photo shared via twitter with the text '&France I love you' can now render a digital postcard with the graphic phrase 'France I love you' - continuing to offer people better building blocks to tell their stories.

Our goal is to be the pioneers in creating real-time experiences that enhance collective moments - for brands and communities. Mobile-first and app–free. Re-imagining how people use tags like the hashtag in conversations, in ways that enhance existing behaviors as opposed to demanding that people adopt new ones.