Cannes Lions

Pra Melhorar

KATAPULT3, Calabasas / MARISA MONTE / 2022







My professional career has always been linked to images for film, video and still imagery. I started my professional path taking pictures of the young hiphop artists at the Brazilian underground scene and from there to direct and do the cinematography for music videos and DVDs was a pretty organic move. Music has always been my strongest source of inspiration, so, to join the experience I had and create a new career as a talent manager on the music industry was an exciting challenge that brought me an overall vision over the entertaining business. I love to tell stories and make things happen. Photo, video, music, art in general are, for me, the only way to go.


I wanted to bring that nostalgic sense to everyone, a Naife and pure child perspective, the belief in happy endings and that the world can be a better place. Inspired in classics from my childhood such as "The Wizard Of OZ", "Land Of Giants", "Alice and the wonderland", "Donkey Skin", some old school Brz kids TV show like PufNStuff The video started in a kind off of dark mood during a storm, and the art and wardrobe were from the 30"ish as a reference of a retrograde mindset that puts us all in a difficult present. Then they turn into colorful creatures, and flourish hope in the horizon.


The three friends hold hands and stick together through the bad times, sheltering to thrive and come out to a destructed world. Then the main plot happens and they turn into colorful creatures, the change starts within them to spread with their touch, love and hope. Miraculously the transformation take over the world around them, flourishing the power of nature. They shrink to reference the true beauty that resides in the small things of nature and how Its power can impact us positively. If we pay attention there's a lot to be learn from nature about love, compassion and collective. They get that, and enjoy dancing with bugs and chilling among mushrooms that are known as the biggest web in earth that connected all living beings underneath the soil and above.


The video mix media and very simple old school tricks inspired in classic movies. The visual effects were all shot in my own backyard. I intercut between scenes in Brasil, on set with Jorge, Marisa and Flor. The whole process including my backyard shots took 2 production days. Color timing was at Technicolor LA which was a big part of the story of the video.


The video was submitted to over 30 festivals around the world and has been selected in a dozen and to this date it has won grand prizes in 4 countries. It is showing in a big movie theater in LA and has had an amazing outcome on social media. It has also a calling card to bring an abundance of audience to Marisa's world tour and lastly, it catapulted my daughter Flor's foot into the music world but most of all, it brought smiles to people's face.