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We needed to position Gillette Clinical as the product that allows guys to conquer pressure, whenever it may strike. Most guys aren’t always faced with unexpected, adrenaline-pumping scenarios such as canyon swinging, or skeleton racing, but they are facing high-pressure moments daily. Meaning, we wanted to target guys who juggle a lot of demands and situations over the course of a day.

Gillette is a brand driven by technology and innovation, so the Clinical Antiperspirant product is designed to help guys keep their cool like no other antiperspirant.

Our target likes to know the science behind why the products they purchased work, which meant telling them the benefits of Gillette Clinical wouldn’t be enough to get them to purchase it. We needed to prove it by showing guys what happens to their bodies when pressure spikes in an unconventional way and demonstrate that Gillette Clinical is the best protection.


To make men sweat, we partnered with Discovery VR to create the Gillette Pressure Chamber, a 4D virtual reality event that put guys through 5 unique adrenalin-inducing experiences. Consumers were strapped into 4D pneumatic chairs that were synced to the motion of the VR video, creating an ultra-realistic, sweat-inducing ride.

Men could experience the ultimate stress test at the most buzz-worthy tech event of the year, South by Southwest. Heart rate monitors tracked rider’s emotional and physical reactions which were broadcasted from the show floor via Facebook Live. We also invited YouTube celebrities to host their shows and meet and greets with fans from the 4D chair for added exposure. Additionally, we distributed the VR content through YouTube, Facebook, Oculus Video and the Discovery VR app to allow viewers to load the experience into their personal VR headsets and enjoy with their friends from home.


The Gillette Pressure Chamber significantly increased brand awareness by 70%, brand favorability by 24% and purchase consideration by 29%. Importantly, it most strongly resonated with people do NOT use the brand and saw significant lifts in all key metrics.

The Facebook Live videos amassed over 780,000 views, while nearly 1.5 million people have tried the VR experiences using their personal device. A unique rich media unit featuring the 360 VR videos has achieved engagement rates as high as 59%, nearly 4.2X the benchmark. The social plan, which included integrations with relevant cyber celebrities, received over 3MM impressions on YouTube and almost 8MM on Facebook.

Capitalizing on the fact that VR was the most buzzed about topic at this year’s SXSW festival, the Gillette Pressure Chamber was featured in major media outlets including USA Today, Fast Company and The Today Show, and grossed over 46 million impressions in earned media.

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