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AMAZON, Seattle / AMAZON / 2023

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Amazon's Prime Day is the biggest 2-day sales event in the world, but 75% of people 40 and under shop at night. We searched for a way to tap this audience of late-night shoppers and attract a younger audience new to purchasing on Amazon Prime Day.


To tap an audience of late-night shoppers, we created Prime Night— a first-of-its-kind, all-night live event on TikTok between day 1 and day 2 of Prime Day. We assembled 12 of TikTok's biggest, best-loved, most random stars and set out to fill 6 back-to-back hours of live content—TikTok's longest sponsored live of all-time. Through live skits, interactive games, musical numbers and outright chaos we entertained viewers in the middle of the night, while reminding them that Amazon Prime Day was still going on with the best deals.


The insight for Prime Night was based on data showing that a majority of young customers shop and scroll late at night on TikTok. Prime Day is also two days; so, to continue awareness of the deal event, we proposed a night activation to meld the two days. We targeted diverse, Gen Z customers primarily age 18-24. The event built off of the broader campaign strategy “The deals you’ve been dreaming of.”

The social approach was to ensure the content stayed true to channel and didn’t feel overly branded. We wanted to remain a part of the community vs. interrupting the scroll. Therefore, we used TikTok-centric humor, making light of typical TV-deals you might find out late-night TV. We knew being self-aware would strike a chord with TikTokkers by driving attention to deals without alienating users.


The event was livestreamed on TikTok Live the night between Prime Day sales days. It ran for 6 hours alongside other livestreams in TikTok’s live discover interface. It streamed across creator channels and dual-lived in creators to add a unique format of viewing all the fun. We promoted Prime Night in advance of the event within TikTok, but also across other social channels like IG, FB, and Snap. The planning and execution of the live took ~3 months.


Prime Night was named TikTok’s most successful branded live globally. It was the @prime brand’s first produced live stream on TikTok, generating +40.7M impressions, +850K viewers and +750K engagements. 70% of people who were served the live event in their FYP clicked through to watch the livestream – TikTok mentioned they’ve never seen this happen within their Branded Live platform.

The team was able to achieve the most efficient social campaign for the Prime brand to date and shifted perception of “Prime is a brand that entertains me” by +6pt and the value perception of a Prime membership by +4 pt.

The Amazon and Prime brands also typically see -8% sentiment in comments, but saw an overwhelmingly positive audience in the chat with +95% of the chat being positive throughout the 6 hours. We essentially were able to build a cult following of people who were protecting the Prime brand if

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