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Passage Pieton, Paris / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2010

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We create the Xtreme Battles to enable our target consumers to interact with the brand and specifically play with the new ingredients: Wasabi & Chili.

Concept was simple: each contestant had to eat chili or wasabi: the first one to react lost.

The plan was amplified through the leverage of Mickael Vendetta, a very popular “extreme” buzz star, casted against type (Web-users “love to hate” Mickael Vendetta for his self-importance).

Our star and battles were exploited online (website, videos, web banners, partnership with Dailymotion, Facebook & Twitter) and offline (through a 6-city tour in France).


Communication plot exceeded objectives, totalising 970 M viewed videos, over 150 PR clippings including TV citations (brand citation on French TV is very rare). The plan created a huge buzz and strong online engagement of the new prime prospect, proving the fit between our prime prospect and online media. The plan step-changed Pringles’ image online, as it was seen as old-fashioned. The plan seeded the online community and we could leverage our contacts for future plans. Business results also exceeded objectives, placing the Xtreme as one of the most successful Pringles launches: 1.4% value share and 0.9% volume share (Jan 10).

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