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OPTIMEDIA, Madrid / TOYOTA / 2010


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We needed to contact the consumer at the right place and the right time where its positive predisposition would maximise the message acceptance: extolling benefits of having a Hybrid Toyota Prius (less fuel consumption and pollution).

The right place: gas stations; the right time: while filling the cars. We created a new media, but negotiations with gas stations were extremely difficult and technically the implementation was very complex due to the vehicle's lack of flexibility to modify the length of the message.

The idea consisted on substituting the normal gas filling locution ("you've selected un-leaded fuel, thank you for your visit") by an ad-hoc Toyota Prius locution “You’ve selected un-leaded fuel; if you had a Toyota Prius you would not hear this locution so many times, for more information please ask for the Toyota Prius information folder at the gas station or at the closest Toyota dealer”.


Sales increased over 292% versus objective (source: Toyota). Awareness during and after the campaign increased by +441%. (source IMOP).

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