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Situation: In Ecuador, during an election campaign, politicians tend to make a lot of promises and people are well aware of this. The low fulfillment of these proposals has created a lack of credibility in politicians.

Brief: The aim for this campaign was AWARENESS. The brand lost the top of mind in the category and was looking for a campaign that was current and relevant. That could create a big buzz and resonate despite it had a limited budget.


-Rise our brand awareness

-Place in the target our main benefit: Enhance the memory.


MULTICBRINA decided to use the disbelief in the political kind to remark its purpose: ENHANCE YOUR MEMORY. With this in mind we created a campaign that reminded politicians, in their own words, the proposals they made. We reminded politicians about those PROMISES TO KEEP.


The government regulated all political campaigns by designating equal budgets to all the candidates. RADIO is used as a strong media choice for its price/reach relation, making it the favorite platform for politicians in Ecuador to convey a message.

We created ads using excerpts from their speeches and interviews, putting those same promises in the spotlight. Politicians should remember their words and MULTICBRINA, the multivitamin that enhances your memory, is reminding everyone through this campaign about those PROMISES TO KEEP.


Implementation: We created a campaign using excerpts from their speeches and interviews, putting their promises in the spotlight. Candidates for city council and state government were approached in different spaces and sponsorships, giving away our product and telling them to not forget all those promises made during the interview.

Timeline: This campaign was released on April 27th of 2019.

Placement: Using Radio, the favorite platform for politicians in Ecuador to convey a message. This campaign was placed in this media with strategic mentions of our product after the elected officials expressed their promises and plans on different spaces in this media.

Scale: We located our campaign in the most populated cities of Ecuador which are QUITO and GUAYAQUIL.


Our objective was being relevant again to the public eye, reminding people about main benefit. All this was put in the context of the most important conversation in media: The 2019 Elections. With this in mind we were able to increase the awareness about our brand and its main benefit.

More than 10.053 new ads created and shared from our webpage. Mentions were made in different media and by candidates itself when the product was presented in interviews.

Creating a campaign in the political context of an election resulted in people associating our brand with the habit of remembering important things. Bringing back our brand to popular culture and placing on everyone’s mind the idea that our product is a savvy solution if you want to enhance your memory and not forget important things.

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