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Driven by our strategy to transform Prudential Asia into an authority on relationships in Asia, we greatly expanded the scope of this project beyond its original form into a multi-faceted creative campaign. Every element was designed to reinforce Prudential Asia’s positioning as the relationship company.

We worked with Ipsos to plan and conduct a survey of over 5,000 interviewees in July 2016 in the nine markets covered by the study. The survey was consistent across all markets – focusing on what individuals need from relationships and how well their existing relationships meet those needs – but it was translated into each market’s local language. Ipsos spearheaded the research while we led the digital deployment of the survey.

For all nine markets, we built a local Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) microsite capable of toggling between English and the dominant local language. Each site presents key local findings and makes the PRI report available


Consumer insight – [the consultancy] went deep into the Ipsos data, identifying the most interesting, compelling data points – examples: the biggest causes of arguments, the secrets for relationship success – and built communications around these insights. Compelling content - emotional, funny films were made highlighting each market’s PRI findings, allowing a “That’s Me!” moment for viewers, ie that’s my relationship! Influencers, chat shows and Facebook Live – fun, lively “chat show” style launches marked the roll-out of the PRI, using well-known local influencers and celebrities, eg Gurmit Singh (“Phua Chu Kang”) in Singapore and broadcasting the shows on Facebook Live in certain markets (>73,000 viewers in Singapore).

Campaign extensions – in addition to the PRI launches, Prudential and [the consultancy] created fun extensions to the campaign, eg a video booth “Tell One Person One Thing” in four markets and a “Put Your Phone Away and Talk” promotion in Singapore.


Prudential’s Asia-Pacific PRI campaign performance exceeded all KPIs. Measurement research available (Millward Brown, Singapore and Philippines Q4, 2016) showed remarkable 51% campaign awareness (averaged across target groups), 19% higher level of willingness to speak to a Prudential agent and 13% higher Prudential brand consideration YOY. Other results: 44.2M total impressions, 3.2M film views, 216K microsite visits (of which 187K were unique visitors), 73K Facebook Live attendees (Singapore), 28K Facebook relationship quizzes completed, 2.5K PRI reports downloaded and widespread media and social media coverage (value: >US$1M).

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