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ORO NEGRO, Mexico City / SECTUR / 2019

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Mexico promotes tourism through its Ministry of Tourism and Mexico Country brand. Even if the Country brand is well known, it didn't own touristic information centers, to offer advice about destinations, entertainment, and cultural experiences.

This issue limited touristic industry and consumers that weren’t aware of the variety that Mexico can offer. Punto Mexico was created to become the official tourism center of Mexico Country brand. A physical place that not only offers information about destinations and attractions, but that also brings to life the gastronomic, artistic and cultural experiences from each region.

We created the logo, brand image, and a 3D model from scratch, for Punto Mexico Headquarters. It will be replicated in 6 more states of the country. Moreover, the brand identity is culturally rich and powerful to merchandise the uniqueness of each state. Budget to design the image and built the physical place: USD 700,000.


The inspiration behind the idea was to create a logo and brand image that are both modern and attractive but, above all, that are always understandable for the consumer and with each one of the executions, at first sight, that it is about Mexico.

A country with a world-class tourism offer. A place to travel, rich in traditions, places, textures, craftwork, colors, and shapes.

We designed a relevant image for the brand and for the target, passionate people who wants to learn more about Mexico. So, we managed to create an image flexible enough to portray the specificities of each region, consumer, color and destination; because each Mexican state has different gastronomy, architecture, colors, textures, arts, landscapes, climate.

That’s why our logo and brand image are flexible and easily adaptable to talk about Mexico, because Mexico holds many Mexicos.


The logo is inspired by 3 elements:

1 The volute, that means "communication" in the pre-Hispanic iconography used by ancient cultures in Mexico.

2 The pin icon to represent the location of a place in the digital era.

3 The circle that refers to the name "Point" = Punto.

The process to create the brand image was inspired by the culture, textures, colors, and shapes of each Mexican state. All these elements were reinterpreted to create new visual patterns and forms to show a modern Mexico.

After the logo was designed, more than 20 different versions were created from it. All of them also represent the traditions, art, colors or places from the 32 states of Mexico, wholly reinterpreted and modernized.

Retail material and branded products were created as well: packaging, t-shirts, cups, tequila bottles, coffee boxes, umbrellas, furniture, etcetera, to communicate and promote destinations in each state.


We created Punto Mexico’s new image, the tourism information center of Mexico Country brand. A platform focused on providing touristic advice, which managed to have its own voice and identity.

Consumers were able to have a clear and easy approach to information for knowing more about different destinations in Mexico and living new experiences. Everything through the physical and official venue of Punto Mexico.

As a result of the rebranding and new image, the venue increased the number of daily visits from 800 to 6,247. Originally, the brand only needed a new logo, but we went beyond the brief and created a complete new identity that will be used in more than 6 Mexican states.

The new identity led to merchandising objects that did not exist before, boosting the regional identity of the states and proudly promoting tourism through selling t-shirts, bags, tequila, coffee boxes, decorative objects, among others.