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TACO BELL, Irvine / TACO BELL / 2016

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To be supremely disruptive, we designed and displayed massive posters that were seemingly…blank. However, upon closer inspection, the posters held a hidden typographic optical illusion in which you could only slightly read the teaser headlines. At the bottom, a preorder link was provided to drive sales of the yet-to-be-unveiled mystery product. Alongside our Super Bowl ad, we refreshed the posters to announce the Quesalupa in a big way. In order to bring the abundance of cheese within the shell to life in a visual way, we dramatized the cheese pull from the Breakfast Quesalupa to the Quesalupa across multiple storefront windows employing a “ticker tape” vinyl decal method that was adaptable across our 6,000+ restaurants. As product sustained, we refreshed the windows with tightly cropped heroic imagery to celebrate the Quesalupa as a phe-nom-nom-nom-enon and its achieved icon status.


We primarily used the store front and side window posters to communicate and showcase the product's main benefit: the deliciously oozy beauty of its iconic cheese pull. With the prelaunch segment, we created orange linear typographic illusions to give subtle hints to a cheesy product while making the very unexpected 35-mile message difficult for consumers to read so it compelled them to pause, take a closer look, and ultimately visit the preorder website. For launch, we created a beautiful hand drawn organic word mark to arch the shape of the products. We then chose to highlight what makes this product unique by stretching the cheese across multiple windows. To refresh, we went back to the glowing orange background to highlight the warm cheesy product and focus on a more artistically abstract graphic approach fit for a food icon.


As a result of the Quesalupa campaign, Taco Bell has made a total of 744 Million impressions. With prelaunch, the windows contributed to 93.7 Million impressions with 12,442 mentions and a Passion Intensity of 62. 71,000 curious customers pre-ordered their mystery product sight unseen. Pre launch conversations show that the campaign generated social awareness that is higher than typical pre-product launches. Prior to launch, 1 in 4 people knew Taco Bell was announcing a new product. Upon launch, 1 in 5 transactions had a Quesalupa in their order, with 11% of sales being Quesalupas. To date, there have been 153,800 mentions of the Quesalupa, for 870 Million impressions – a Net Sentiment of 70% and a Passion Intensity of 80. The Passion Intensity is the most intriguing KPI, as it truly shows how the product does “fuel the cult” and was one that was already for the fans of

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