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Read to Me

EME CONTENT, Montevideo / EME CONTENT / 2018

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According to the Guardian*, bedtime storybooks are losing ground year after year due to the dawn and growth of new technologies, apps, and social media. In order to address this issue we developed Read to Me, an IoT solution capable of recognizing real time reading, and turning it into a projection of animated illustrations and sound effects related to the narration.The projection on the bedroom wall progresses and changes as the reading continues. Thus creating an experience for both parents and children (the target audience) that enhances the experience of reading and its reality, with the goal of giving bedtime stories the spot they deserve in every kid’s childhood.


Eme Content, as an editorial company, figured out the way for an analog format; like a classic bedtime storybook; to remain valid within a digital and technological context, by becoming the trigger factor of the sort of interactive experience that a device like Read to Me creates.

Combining technologies like a voice recognition system, animated projections and sound effects, an online database to store the digital content, with a natural user experience Read to Me effectively addressed the issue identified by the brand.

Since the idea behind this campaign was centered on preserving the habit of bedtime storytelling, our natural approach to present the campaign was through a promotional release of the product alongside the launch of a new collection of storybooks by Eme Content. The product was presented to the audience through the launch with Eme Content's storybooks collection, and the campaign developed through the process of buying the books and the user experience of reading them.


At the business level, the launch of Read to Me brought along a huge impact on the brand, considering it is already starting to change its business platform to go from simply an editorial company, to a business that also develops children-oriented technology and digital entertainment, through Read to Me and other projects soon to be released. The first batch of Eme Content’s new storybooks collection was the top grossing children's editorial release of the month in the Uruguayan market; all copies sold out in under a week. At the International Montevideo Book Fair, Read to Me was displayed for an audience of over 300,000 people (over ~10% of the country’s total population) for 13 days. Today Eme Content’s Read to Me is at a mass production stage, in partnership with global scale toy manufacturers.