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In Thailand, students have to wear uniforms from kindergarten all the way to university. Worst, violations of uniform codes can turn into severe punishments. Self-expression gets seriously suppressed. Wacoal wanted to launch its new “Go Girls” collection, a collection that is comfortable to wear in every action for girls. But they want to do more than just advertise it as just another bra, they wanted to show their belief that girls should be able to express themselves freely with Wacoal always there to support them.


To express its belief that all girls should be able to express themselves freely and to support them in every action, Wacoal created 'Ready-to-Go Uniforms', a collection of uniform that transforms itself the moment girls step out of school. The collection comes with adaptive design and Wacoal bras, allowing girls to stay in line when they are in school and to express themselves just the way they want when they are out of school.


As the main target for the products are teenage girls, we thought of how vital it is for them to be able to find themselves in this stage of their lives. But that’s hard to do so in Thailand, even more so in schools where there are strict rules that are there to make them conform. We found that the most tangible symbol of conformation is school uniform – what girls are made to wear since kindergarten all the way to university. So, we created a new kind of uniform that can transform itself into something more so that girls can expresses themselves more freely after school. Then, we launched the idea where we thought teenage girls were, which was also where teachers were absolutely not: Animal Crossings game. Then, the collection became viral on Twitter overnight.


Working with Thai forward-thinking fashion designer, Wacoal created “Ready-to-Go Uniforms". We launched the collection online, starting with the place we think girls were and teachers were not present: Animal Crossing game. Then, we posted a photo album of the collection on Facebook and received more than 10k shares. The photos of the collection took on and became viral on Twitter overnight with over 50k shares in one day.


Ready-to-Go uniforms spread like wildfire from school to school, leading into the making of a viral music video. Most importantly, the collection sparked a debate in the society and inspired a movement to rethink school uniforms role led by Thai students across the country. As a result, we gained USD 5.3 million PR value and was featured in top international media such as BBC, Vice, and Reuters.

The campaign also generated 174% increase in bra sales on month of the launch.

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