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For this film, we worked with dancer Paige Fraser, choreographers Rich+Tone and Mirada Studios to create a unique visual dance performance. Inspired by Paige’s personal struggle with scoliosis, we choreographed a piece and worked with Mirada Studios to seamlessly blend real and digital worlds into a single performance.


Using Intel RealSense technology, we worked with Mirada to create a digital partner to dance alongside Paige—and created responsive “boulders” that reacted to Paige’s movement—representing the obstacles in her life that threatened to hold her back.

RealSense sensors are not just cameras or depth sensors, it’s a new pair of eyes that collect information and are able to reinterpret information. For this shoot there were eighteen RealSense cameras that interpreted Paige’s movements and made it into one rich visualization that mirrored her every move in real-time.

There were hundreds of executions that were produced as a part of this integrated campaign, nearly every experience featured in the main 60-second spot was shot as long-format content that viewers could dive into and explore on—turning each experience from the TV spot into a short online film such as this RealSense dance.


RealSense camera technology is core to the future of perceptual computing. Not only will it be used more in performance art, but Intel have leveraged the technology with many interesting partners. RealSense cameras have played a part in incredible new technologies, including the launch of the world’s first fully intelligent consumer drone, the Typhoon H, which can detect any objects in its path.

Intel have also worked with Segway to create a project called Ninebot that uses RealSense cameras to detect and communicate with human beings. Intel have also worked with partners to created software that is capable of scanning your face and actually placing it in video games like Fallout 4. As part of the “Experience Amazing” campaign, the RealSense dancer long-format content piece has received 2 million views on YouTube

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