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When COVID upended the world in early 2020, no one could have foreseen its impact. But of all sectors affected, none was more devastated than the tourism industry with revenue loses of more than 39%. Suddenly, the world's paradises and vacation hot spots were empty, with their hospitality ecosystems on the brink of extinction.

Corona believes that the best side of ourselves shows up outside, when we are able to connect with our essential nature. But how was possible to connect our consumers with nature and keep our brand purpose alive in a world that was ruled by social distance?

It presented a big risk for one the best ways that people reconnect with nature: Traveling.

The main objective was to be the brand that supports the industry that invites you to live life in the wilderness: eco-tourism.


We created REDISCOVER PARADISE, a campaign in which we told that Corona reserved stays in more than 1,000 ecolodges so that people can participate in one of them. It featured a series of documentaries in which we told through the people who created that ecolodge, the history of each one, secrets and attractions of each destination, we showed each of the hotel spaces and addressed the challenge of overcome the worst crisis in the tourism sector.

In addition, we launched the REDISCOVER PARADISE platform, which became the first online eco-tourism agency in the world, in which we aimed to show all the lodgings that were part of the action and give users the possibility to make reservations.


Our first step was to mapped carefully the data trend and associations between our brand and the virus, and whenever the conversation slowed down, and consumers were prepared launched the campaign.

Then we work in a relevant insight: Incentivize consumers to rediscover our natural paradises whenever possible, helping to support the travel industry WHILE protecting a “healing” nature.

The audience is made up of the owners of the lodgings, linked to the different localities and communities of which they are a part and on the other hand the people who want to travel again and reconnect with nature:

men and women, LDA to 35 years old. Many need to get out of confinement to disconnect and to reenergize being outside.


The campaign was run globally as follows:

Through REDISCOVER PARADISE we present Corona's problems and commitment by putting the history of each accommodation in a first-person account. Then, once the concept was presented, we began the launch the platform that brings together all the accommodations that form part of the action, where people could participate for a stay in each of them and where, in addition, We promoted the future reservation in order to continue supporting the tourism sector in this difficult time.

The campaign had a TV commercial, adding the brand's digital platforms, e-commerce platform, communication at the point of sale, PR in the most important media of the globe, presence in Social Media of the accommodations, brand friendly influencers and government accounts.


The results that we achieved were:

>> A positive impact on image and brand positioning (BG - KANTAR October 2020):

KMA “Corona helps local tourism” 76pts vs. average country 33

KMB “Corona invites you to travel around Argentina” 74pts vs. average country 41

>> Earned media 1.7MM (monthly average 1.1MM)

>> Sentiment positive 90% (monthly average 83%)

>> Reach 21M.

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