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Reese's and Nextdoor made sure treats were the focus of Halloween

NEXTDOOR, San Francisco / HERSHEY'S / 2022

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After a massive downturn in trick-or-treaters in 2020, a Nextdoor poll found that 85% of neighbors planned on handing out Halloween treats in 2021. With the resurgence of this long-standing door-to-door tradition, Reese’s wanted to bring fun back to the Halloween season. They hoped to drive awareness and reach customers while in an intent and purchase ready mindset to drive eCommerce sales via a MikMak link.

Halloween is a popular topic on Nextdoor making it a prime platform to invest in a Halloween campaign. Nextdoor’s Treat Map had a retail advertiser the year prior who found that customers were 30% more favorable to their brand if exposed to an ad as a result of the campaign. So we knew that not only a need for the Treat Map existed but that a brand could find success by aligning with it.


Nextdoor teamed up with Reese’s to create the annual Treat Map, a unique experience that helped further drive awareness and generate more participation in neighborhoods across the country. The map allowed trick-or-treaters to know which houses were Halloween-ready by marking them as handing out candy, decorated, or both. Hershey drove traffic to the map via the Nextdoor Newsfeed with Display, Video and Carousel ads.


Hershey drove traffic to the map via the Nextdoor Newsfeed with Display, Video and Carousel ads. In addition they ran ads in Nextdoor's Digest email and Finds section (Nextdoor's online marketplace).

The campaign was targeted nationally in the United States to all neighbors.

Lucid and NCSolutions measurement studies ran during the campaign to track brand favorability and sales.


To best reach customers multiple channels were used:

- Dedicated email to US Nextdoor members driving awareness and education of the Treat Map.

- Interactive Treat Map encouraged neighbors to mark their home as having decor, pumpkins on display, or available for a costume wave parade.

- Reese's Nextdoor ads via Display, Carousel, Email and Finds were used to drive awareness of the Treat Map and encourage sales of Reese's candy.

- The campaign was also shared on Nextdoor-owned Social channels and there was joint press.

Campaign time period: 9/20/2021-10/31/2021


The Treat Map had a 2.6x YoY increase in engagement with 6.3M views, and 700 media hits, with a combined audience reach of 515M.

The NCSolutions study showed that the Nextdoor campaign was able to expand the footprint of Hershey's customer base and contribute to the positive ROAS with net new buyers.

According to a Lucid study, Nextdoor ads drove 1% ad recall lift further proving that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are very favorable with Nextdoor neighbors. These findings are especially significant for a highly penetrated brand already expecting increased sales during the Halloween season.

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