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In order for brands to differentiate from others and reach in-market audience, brands use aggressive offline & online media strategies. However, the messages are likely to become obsolete due to lack of instant communication. In order to get a one step further and keep in touch with clients, we wanted to establish a sincere communication, in the fastest and most direct way.

Considering the increasing time that people spent on mobile phones and messaging, the most charming messaging platform is Whatsapp in Turkey. We would be able to get in touch with our target audience as if they are messaging with their loved ones. This would also benefit us increasing our technological brand perception that we need to increase. With using Renault Whatsapp Business account as a communication platform, we would easily be able inform our in-market audience to aftersales or sales campaigns if they would like to get information.


In Turkey, 43,3% of employees are working more than 50 hours a week and people tend to be busy for other things as they have very limited time for themselves. Mobile phones have a crucial and central role in our lives and we needed to find an alternative way for reaching our audience.

Considering the fact that people have the tendency to prefer messaging businesses than using other channels and Whatsapp is the most common communication platform in Turkey, we created Renault Whatsapp Business account and set Whatsapp as not only a messaging platform but also a digital communication channel with having own motto&culture.

Creation of contents have been set as if it's not a Renault campaign in specific, also focusing on Whatsapp and it's own terminology. We have also used audio & visual messaging options in Whatsapp for better unique user experience.


Renault is the top seller automotive brand in Turkey and and have different target audiences for each model, mostly focused on 35-54 males in common. However, in this campaign; we tried not only reach in-market audience; reach as much people as possible to increase the technological perception of the brand.

In media, we focused on mass audience and big&bold usages to boost the effect. Our main strategy for the campaign was leading people directly to Whatsapp get in touch with Renault. In order to achieve this with the easiest way, 'Click to Whatsapp' and swipe-up ad models have been used for one click communication, users landed on Whatsapp API opened with Renault Whatsapp Account and ready to text.


We focused on directing all in-market audience for automotive tao Facebook or Instagram. With 'Click to Whatsapp' ad modeling on Facebook, we have directly leaded audience to our Whatsapp account and users will be able to send us a message directly.

As for the launch day; big&bold usages were live - Youtube Masthead and Twitter TT to announce the campaign to increase the traffic. To increase the awareness and boost Whatsapp communication, 'Click to Whatsapp' ads were live. All users have to do was to click on Facebook or Instagram ad on mobile. After clicking on the ad, Whatsapp API will be opened with Renault account to be ready for sending message directly.

Influencers have shared screenshots of their Whatsapp experience with Renault on social media to boost launch effect. The news also grow organically with users sharing their experiences in social media with a humorous approach.


Renault Turkey has Dialogue team; whom are directly to responding clients calls from official contact phone numbers. There were limited options for clients to get in touch with the brand as phone calls are can lead to lose interest since it takes time to reach responsibles in call center.

There were daily 700 calls on average before the campaign and Whatsapp Business Account setup.

During the campaign time period of approximately one month; 55K conversions have been reported; which is almost doubles the interaction rates made via calls. (Daily average number of calls: 750) In addition, 7 car sales have actualized from Whatsapp Account communications.

People has reacted the campaign very well, as it boosted daily contacts from clients and keep their interest.Campaign has a huge effect in Renault awareness; 5,6% boost in awareness Renault Whatsapp account has been observed from brand lift surveys.