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CHALLENGE AND OBJECTIVEPartner deeply with a relevant artist to launch Renault’s new line of electric cars as cultural products for the younger generation, while still having a central TV activation (even though French regulations severely impede brand and artists’ partnership on TV).STRATEGY AND EXECUTIONBuild an integrated global music strategy. Partner with David Guetta, whose music and mindset perfectly fits the ‘positive energy’ positioning of the Twizy electric vehicle.

Build a strong 360 activation with the artist that will allow the brand to be closely associated with him in PR, digital, below-the-line etc. and every other media where regulations are not as strictly defined – thus compensating for TV’s limitations.Use the Guettas and all their own communications channel (Facebook, Twitter, parties etc.) as the main media for the campaign, thus shifting the focus from earned to paid media and appearing more engaging and credible to the audience.

Be as consistent as possible throughout the whole campaign: the Twizy’s commercial on TV was a re-cut version of David’s Alphabeat videoclip (where the car acts a key ‘character’, being recharged by the energy people produced while are dancing on the floor), edited down to comply with French TV’s strict regulations; the 'Plug into the Positive Energy' release party for the AlphaBeat single also took place at L’Atelier; the digital release of the track came with an exclusive 3D Sound Mix App provided by Renault Twizy.Through this event we built a strong PR campaign by having made the right casting of PR agency and guests, in order to generate a maximum of press releases and reach the Renault Twizy target: the younger generation


In the first place, during the Auto Show of Geneva, Stephen Norman (Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications of Renault) officially announced the event of March, 27th to the professional press’s journalists.In a second time, 1,500 save the date have been sent to a listing of personalities, opinion leaders and Renault’s employees, hand-picked.In a third time, 1,500 'Plug into the Positive Energy party's' invitations were sent on March, 13th.The campaign ran exactly according to the original plan.


At this time, the media value for 'Plug into the positive energy' by Cathy and David Guetta is around more than €285,000, just for France and just 1 month after the event.Media coverage in France on the biggest and well-known channels, magazines, radios and websites:- TF1/Show '50 minutes inside' the first TV show in France about people and celebrities: 3.8m of viewers - Gala's magazine, one of the famous and glamorous people magazine: 2.2m readers(See press release for details.)

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