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FUTURA DDB, Ljubljana / JB RESTAURANT / 2019

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JB Restaurant, owned by chef Janez Bratovz, is among S. Pellegrino’s Top 50 World’s Best Restaurants. He wanted to release a special book showcasing his unique plating and signature dishes, from natural ingredients and original recipes.


Chef personally created every book cover. He used the cooking utensils, like the ones in his kitchen, for making a one-of-a-kind illustration that expresses his everyday creativity and represents JB’s authentic plates on each cover.


Each book is carrying chef's personal signature as the cover illustration, which is made from natural canvas. Just like all the other materials used in the book. Even the photographs of his dishes have been taken using only natural light. The connection with nature runs deep. They strive to get the best out of what nature has to offer, creating amazing plates for their guests.


800 unique books – each is a collector item

Extensive media coverage – major Slovenian newspapers wrote about the book and its covers

Brand positioned as the most high-end restaurant in Slovenia

Week after the release reservations increased for 14%