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Our core idea was “The taste of reunion is incomplete without you.”

There is nothing more important in Chinese culture than sharing food with family and friends and there is no meal more important than the Chinese New Year (CNY) family gathering. Imagine Thanksgiving, Christmas and western New Year rolled into one and you’re halfway there.

Chefs never get to enjoy the party at the best of times. However, the reality of their sacrifice really hits home during CNY when they are hard at work in a city far from their family.

We put Knorr side by side with chefs with a touching piece of film that told the story of a chef grabbing a moment to connect with his family during his hardest shift of the year and we used mobile and packaging to drive participation and build a database of chefs for future activation.



The campaign was grounded in on pack promotion on 20 Knorr SKUs. Awareness built through a film that told the story of a chef that could not be with his family for CNY. There was no schmaltzy happy ending. Just a hardworking guy in a busy kitchen taking a moment to tell his family how much he loved them and missed them. We launched the film on 27th January 2016 using We Chat moments to target only chefs.

We also created six simple engagements to make the pain of separation a bit more bearable. For instance a chef could share a taste of home in the form of a recipe for a home town delicacy voiced in their local dialect. 3 days before CNY chefs could wish long life, prosperity and happiness to their loved ones using the traditional dishes that they could not share in person.



The campaign delivered over 300 million impressions on mobile with 17 million interactions.


Engagement levels were unprecedented for a campaign of this scale. The Knorr account on We Chat grew 25% to over 1 million followers. The biggest growth the community has ever seen. Our two key CNY mobile engagement activities both achieved 50% engagement (+915% vs average). 25.5% of chefs who saw our film in We Chat reposted it (+349% vs average) and 36% of the 75 million video impressions in We Chat came from reposts.

The value of the video views generated by reposts was over 110,000 euro (Source : phd).


Campaign redemptions through mobile were 50% higher than the previous year and value sales grew by 21%.

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