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This ambient installation is to demonstrate Rinso’s believe that children should be given the freedom to explore, discover and be creative – without worrying about getting dirty. In the city of Jakarta, Indonesia where graffiti has become a common sight and also an eyesore, we set up our very own graffiti installation next to a football field with the challenge: Can we make an environment better by making it even dirtier? The success of this challenge is proven when we documented the active participation of the children when they changed the unsightly distasteful graffiti into something more pleasing. Dirt is indeed good.Dear Nikki, This piece was meant to be an unbranded experiment that was conducted over a couple of areas in Jakarta. The documentary of the exercise was placed on the client's website.

As for the participation of the the children to the graffiti, we actually put in clues and made a little 'O' after the word Hell to help them along initially.

Please advice whether we need to change the category.

Thanks & Regards,Dian Kania Executive Secretary Lowe Indonesia Powered by Telkomsel BlackBerry®________________________________________From: Nicola Hughes Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 11:38:30 -0500To: Kania, Dian (JKT-LWW)Cc: Robbie GagliardiSubject: OL/507 - HELL-OHi Dian,We are just processing your entry, ‘HELL-O’ for RINSO; PT. UNILEVER INDONESIA.Please can you explain to us in what way the brand connected to the target consumer? As there does not appear to be any RINSO branding on the wall itself, we are not presently clear on how the brand communicated with an audience. Were there any sample give always of the product/ was there any media coverage etc.?

Also, please can you give us a little more information regarding how the children came to be kicking the ball against the wall? It may be that the entry is better suited to events and live advertising than to special builds, depending on where the main impact of the campaign rested.We look forward to hearing from you.Best wishes, Nikki

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