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McCANN , Bucharest / MASTERCARD / 2021

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Tens of thousands of local producers rely on the side of the road to sell the products of their hard work. Mastercard believes in financial inclusion so they wanted to help small farmers enter the digital economy. Aiming to equip small businesses with modern payment solutions, Mastercard needed to digitalize even the smallest local producers.


Roadside Market turns the most popular digital network for drivers, Waze, into a digital market for local producers. Each farmer got their own icon on the map and even the most hidden selling location gained the much needed visibility to attract new customers and keep them loyal through the app, together with all the financial and legal support from Mastercard. We’ve documented the stories of the first 10 farmers joining the program, then opened up the platform for anyone. Online, any farmer could apply to join Mastercard’s Roadside Market and get their own icon on Waze together with all our help to bring the market to them. All of a sudden, small farmers became part of the digital economy, where they are able to sell their products using simple digital means. They’ve also got the well deserved respect, being seen as micro entrepreneurs.


With a potential reach of 93 500 small businesses in agriculture, Mastercard aimed to digitalize the smallest of businesses and turned to the roadside selling farmers. Thousands of such local producers are cast away from city markets and in need of a place to sell their products. Mastercard could help them enter the digital economy and bring the market to them through Waze.


The campaign launched with a handful of farmers who put themselves on the map, waiting for drivers to reach them. They each got personalized icons on Waze and a chance to tell their stories in short documentaries online. On the website users could virtually navigate from one farmer to another in order to discover their products, book them online, schedule pick-ups and open the routes towards them in Waze.

The farmers made their own promos which aired as video banners and radio ads. Display banners and contextual OOH executions helped drivers further reach the farmers. In the first 48 hours, the farmers made the news on top 5 national TV stations and farmers from across the country started subscribing online or reached out to our partner NGO to become part of the program. Even the contacted us for a long term partnership to help digitalize local producers.


The first farmers became an instant hit, making the news on top 5 national TV stations and an estimated 28 million views in the first 48 hours.

On Waze, the farmers got 3,6 higher engagement than average, with 18% of drivers changing their routes towards them.

Earned media return of investment 142%.

With 300+ weekly sign-ups, the project is attracting governmental support. Roadside Market will become part of the national strategy for small business support

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