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JWT COSTA RICA, San Jose / KRAFT / 2010

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The campaign was divided in different commercials telling the imaginary adventure of two siblings empowered by the magic of Royal Gelatin.This story’s name was “The Upside-Down World” and ads were broadcast as small segments of the story. Each commercial ended with a challenge for the kids to solve. To do it, they had to get into the website and vote for the different magical powers the story's characters had.The storyline of each new chapter was created by the kids' online votes.The website also contained video games for the kids to play and also to try out the characters’ different powers before choosing one. Now they could make sure the story would keep going the right way so their game didn't end on “game over”.


We won a game only a few managed to win: Sales growth of over 4% on the whole confectionary and snacks market.Over 87,000 visits to our website.And as our special “mission accomplished”, we had the kids actively seeing our ads and avoiding changing the channel.

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