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DIGITAS, Brookline / SAAB / 2005

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The solution is the Saab 9-2X e-Booklet CD. It looks like a paper brochure, but it sits on your PC. You are able to turn the pages, and reach right in to interact with the vehicle. This format allows us to do more than a website because we are less limited by file size (eg, photos & 360 spins can be much larger than on the web). It also allows for interaction not possible in a brochure. In bringing these two mediums together, we have created something highly-engaging and relevant to this young, tech-savvy 9-2X target audience.


To date, over 40,000 hand-raisers have received the Saab 9-2X e-Booklet, over 50% went through the entire CD experience, exceeding client expectations. Our clients are thrilled with the programme as it delivered an innovative, educational, and engaging experience into a large number of prospect hands. These prospects are new to the brand so it also fulfills the desire to give them a premium Saab branding experience that positions Saab as a leader in design, innovation and performance.

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