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While hand is known to be as dangerous a mean as droplets among COVID-19 transmission pathways,

in-store grocery shopping is an act that starts and ends at the tip of the hands.

For customers to be able to shop at stores in person and feel secure, against the current backdrop of COVID-19 related dangers,

EMART thought that the hands of customers should serve as an instrument that blocks viruses and makes shopping experiences anxiety-free and enjoyable again.


Through gloves worn by customers,

EMART explored the possibility of transforming shopping

from an act of transmitting viruses into an act of blocking viruses instead,

So, EMART makes shopping gloves by intriguing technology.

While shopping, an illustration of virus on the gloves, which is printed with a special ink,

fades away as it responds to body heat.

Then, a hidden discount barcode surfaces.


EMART paid attention to an increase in in-store customers

who bring their own gloves to the store.


we thought that gloves could safeguard customers’ safety and help increase the store’s sales if utilized as a means and medium of safe shopping.

However, even if we distribute the gloves,

the fact that some customers might find them bothersome or unnecessary

necessitated a novel idea that leads customers to wear them voluntarily.

Therefore, EMART decided to hide discount barcodes on the gloves.


EMART created anti-bacterial shopping gloves made of a state-of-art material

and added an original technology.

An illustration of virus is printed with a special ink on the palm of the gloves.

When the illustration fades in response to body temperature during shopping, the discount barcode appears.

Discounts apply automatically when the customer tags this barcode at the checkout.

10,000 gloves were produced, and the campaign was launched on November 19th, 2020 at an EMART store.

SAFE SALE gloves that come in anti-bacterial packaging were placed at the store’s entry,

allowing customers to wear them as they start shopping.


90% of in-store customers reported to have worn the gloves

and took advantage of discount barcodes hidden on the gloves.

In the comparison of the month when COVID-19 caused a drastic decrease in customer turnout and in-store shopping time and the month when the campaign was executed,

the campaign accomplished the following outcomes:

17.7% increase in in-store customers

10% increase in each customer’s average purchase amount per visit

28.9% sales increase in the store executing the campaign

Statistics proved that the campaign not only mitigated the anxiety of customers

but also had a positive impact on EMART’s actual sales.

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