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Situation :

Customer who has purchased the Tata Motors Vehicle actually stopped visiting the dealership for their car delivery in midst of COVID 19 pandemic.

Car buying in India is a very emotional decision specially for Tata Motors customer as they came from low strata and mostly Tata Motors car is their first car.

Brief :

How to build the trust of the customer to come to the showroom and do not miss the car delivery process, which is an important moment in anybody's life.

Objectives :

Bringing customer to the showroom and give them a safe delivery

Targeting the new customer who were coming for Test Drive, attract them

Build the TATA Motors Trust further in customers mind


Creative Idea

The creative idea behind this Safety Bubble is like a paradigm shift in our thinking as we have never seen such kind of thing and nobody can even imagine such a thing. So we started thinking about how to we can cover the car with a normal car cover once the sanitization is done but it was not sufficient as in that case the person has to touch the car.

It was much more than just a POS item. The agency created a new PRODUCT (INNOVATION) not only for Tata Motors but for the industry future. Created a new genre and thanks to COVID crises which really pushed us to think out of the box.

So we have to come with some kind of imagination where nobody touches the vehicle and still it get cover and customer found is trustworthy.



Target Audience

All the existing and new customer of Tata Motors who comes from different strata of the societies.

These are individuals primary male and secondry female buyers.

Age group around 25+ years, single, married and have kids.


We took a direct approach where the consumer gets a WOW moment the moment he sees car covers. A kind of Innovative approach never been done in the Industry across categories.



This idea was implemented at 100 locations PAN India. These are all Tata Motors dealerships. Every car /SUV was delivered in to the SAFETY BUBBLE right from NOV 2020 till date. It has become a norm now at the dealership.


It took us 1 months of planning and 1 months of production and shipments and deliveries. The agency managed everything single handedly. Right away from designing to production to deliveries to installations. It was a very difficult task during the lockdown nobody was ready to take the risk.

We took the RISK and implemented PAN India successfully.


Its was placed at 100 Tata Motors dealerships


The scale was quite big as you know India is quite a Vast country and throw you a lot of challenges. You have to manage product design, production quality, i mean literally everything during the Pandemic. Worth taking the risk.


Business Impact

The brand was able to win the customer trust. Customer started visiting the showroom once again to take the delivery of their car. The emotional moments were captured. The happiness which we were able to delivery was priceless.

Touch points : 50,000 cars are successfully delivered with the help of these balloons.

Tata Motors got more 50+ new articles in the Automotive Media and otherwise

Brand has gained the customer trust to come to their showroom

People are now lookI Tata motors as a trust branded as always it reinforces the trust.

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