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Supersize Squarespace’s new brand positioning, Everything to Sell Anything, on the big stage - Super Bowl LVI. We needed to break through the big game clutter with a campaign that resonates in pop culture, ignites conversation beyond Super Bowl Sunday, and clearly lands our new platform.


To convey our message that Squarespace has everything you need to sell anything, we decided to take the century-old tongue twister about selling - Sally Seashells - and turn it into a modern day success story about entrepreneurship. The equity built into the tale, along with the fresh twist and surprising cast, allowed us to tell a story that’s both familiar and new. We leaned into the fact that Zendaya and Andre are both entrepreneurs and fashion icons, and made that a key part of the narrative. In the end, we created a hyper-stylized, whimsical world for Sally, with each scene telling a story of its own.


The goal was to raise Squarespace’s brand recognition globally, highlighting our eighth Super Bowl creative campaign and capitalizing on the Super Bowl’s media moment to insert Squarespace into pop-culture to garner national consumer press, along with global press, in our key markets where possible by:

Building multiple narratives around various moments to drive coverage across entertainment and consumer publications, as well as advertising and creative trade outlets with our campaign as the centerpiece. Leverage Zendaya for interviews with top-tier outlets.

Announcing our return to Super Bowl in December, followed by a talent announcement and teaser in late February, culminating with the release of the full spot in the week leading up to the game.

Highlighting Squarespace’s positive business and growth story, and highlight the work of our award winning creative team via executive interviews with top-tier business, tech and trade publications.


Super Bowl affords us an incredible opportunity to garner recognition for the brand on a global scale. It also allows us to highlight our award winning in-house creative team. For our eighth Super Bowl campaign, we wanted to ensure we were hitting the media through multiple touch points over a span of 8 -10 weeks.

We announced our “return to the game” with an exclusive in Ad Age on December 17. Our second press push came in late February with an exclusive talent reveal in Glamour. We then executed a reveal of the full spot via a choreographed rollout of talent interviews with Zendaya, starting with a broadcast reveal on CBS Mornings, followed by a mix of talent and executive interviews with press including People, Fast Company, Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar UK.


The Super Bowl continues to be an incredible opportunity for us to raise awareness for the brand on a global scale by capitalizing on the existing press and consumer audience focused on the game and the celebrity spectacle around it. By leveraging top-tier talent and a strategic press approach that targeted outlets across business, creative, advertising, marketing, consumer and entertainment, we were able to maximize our impact and consider this to be one of our most successful campaigns to date.

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