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Samsung 'Closer, Together'

BBH, New York / SAMSUNG / 2023

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Everybody knows Samsung makes phones. But even Samsung phone owners don’t know much about their other devices, let alone what a dream they are to use when they’re all connected. Quick Share - Samsung’s instant file transfer - is the poster child of this frictionless connectivity, but only 13% of people know about it, including only half of Samsung smartphone owners.

Samsung wanted to use the Holiday moment as a chance to build brand relevance with younger consumers while boosting awareness of their ecosystem through Quick Share. This posed our strategy and creative team a challenge: how do we tell an emotional Holiday story around something as functional as instant file transfer?


Visualizing Quickshare was one challenge. Finding a fresh take on sharing was another.

Our creatives recalled a common childhood experience: being the only kid at a holiday party, longing to connect with someone your own age.

Conceptually, it was important to give metaphorical weight to the idea of Quick Share. This feature is for sharing things that really matter to people. High-res pics. Entire albums of photos. Large music files.

Combining these two thoughts led us to something fantastical; what if sharing was powerful enough to move two large buildings together, bringing two children at separate parties together?


Our creative solution was unlocked by a powerful insight. Gen Z’s lives are built around constant sharing: a funny TikTok, pictures from last night, everything they ate yesterday. But despite all this sharing they’re lonelier than ever. Because sharing has become meaningless: we do it so much that we don’t think about it, and we only share with the people in our own networks and bubbles.

Quick Share offers an alternative to this mindless sharing: an opportunity to share larger and more meaningful files, and even the chance to reach beyond filter bubbles to anyone on any brand of device through its ‘link share’ functionality.


We wanted a song that spoke to the message of the holidays, not a traditional holiday song. The track needed to emphasize the power of sharing to bring people together, but still feel unexpected. We wanted something classic, yet still relevant. Something with layers of meaning.

Elvis’ “If I Can Dream,” with its somber yet hopeful message, struck the perfect balance. While the use of the track in a holiday film was unusual in itself, we wanted to also hear it through a new perspective. Reinterpreting the song through a female vocalist gave a fresh take on a piece that manages to be both classic and relevant. The song serves both the story of our film (two children coming together through sharing) and the cultural moment, bringing Elvis’ message back to life in a new context for the holidays.


Samsung’s Quick Share holiday spot became an instant success garnering acclaim from the most popular trade publications. As reported in AdAge, iSpot (which which tracks real-time TV ad data and analytics) ranked our spot no.1 in likeability with viewers based on its creative assessment survey. The film achieved 314M impressions, including 22M viewers on Youtube, and drove 643K site visits. It was Samsung’s most successful and holiday ad ever, one that helped bring awareness to one of its most important and least known features.

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