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In the last few years, ActionAid Italy has been facing a problem. Come December, donations start to decrease.

The challenge was to raise awareness on the ActionAid Italy role during December in order to get donations.


We found out that during the days before Christmas, people are busy looking for presents and, for this reason, December is the month when the most pins are saved on Pinterest. People use it for gift inspiration and so they start to save pins.

So we did something very simple: we looked at the Pinterest iconic Save button in a different way and we used it to invite people to save. Literally.

Every time someone saved an ActionAid photo portraying a child, they could immediately donate to save a child in need.

In this way the Pinterest Save button has been transformed into a donation tool.

We launched the campaign on December 20 (International Solidarity Day).


The strategy was to intercept the online audience right in the place where they spend more time deciding how to spend money.

Pinterest represented the obvious choice because people, during December, use it to get inspiration for their gifts. They save in order to buy.

Moreover, when it comes to donations, simplicity and an easy user journey are fundamental. In this scenario the Save Button has been perfect given that from the native call to action to the donation it was a matter of a click.


First of all we needed one date to make the campaign even more relevant: December 20 is International Human Solidarity Day, but few people know it because, during those days, everyone is busy looking for Christmas gifts.

Our idea indeed leverages on the Christmas gifts behaviour by inviting people to donate in order to save not only Christmas but also the life of thousands of children in need.

During the Christmas period a featured article highlighted in the Today section explained the idea and the campaign to everyone entering Pinterest. Moreover within the article it was possible to click on some ActionAid photos in order to donate.

Every time someone saved one of the 70 ActionAid photos portraying a child, they could immediately donate to save a child in need. Every save corresponded to one year of funds, clean water, food and education for a child in need.


Reach: 5,74 mln

Interactions: 33.3k

Impressions: 19,7 mln

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