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Project Tiger launched five decades ago to safeguard India's national pride, the Tiger, has transformed into a revolutionary force. In the last 50 years, its impact has been remarkable, witnessing the tiger population surge from 1,973 in 1947 to an impressive 3,167 in 2023, constituting 75% of the global tiger population. Beyond its cultural symbolism, this majestic cat plays a crucial role in our ecosystem.

However, a new challenge awaits. Experts warn that the tiger population is concentrated in a handful reserves, may soon reach peak capacity. Without proactive efforts to grow reserves and address threats, conservation endeavors may falter.


The Times of India’s Saving our Stripes initiative launched around the 50th anniversary of Project Tiger aimed to make the message of conservation more relatable for the average Indian citizen, while driving higher consciousness towards the need to conserve our tigers; and hence our forests


Creative Idea: The campaign ‘Saving our Stripes’ revolves around the dual symbolism of tiger stripes. Beyond being a literal reference to the distinctive markings on a tiger's coat, the term "stripes" represents the challenges faced by these majestic creatures. By framing the conservation effort as "saving our stripes," the campaign aims to evoke a sense of collective responsibility and urgency.

Creative Strategy: This revolved around humanizing environmental discussions, understanding the power of storytelling to evoke emotions. Instead of traditional slogans, TOI sparked curiosity with unconventional questions like "Can a tiger fit in the backseat of a car?" This approach engaged audiences effectively. In print, engaging ads, TigerToons, and editorials highlighted the role of conservationists. The Tiger Anthem, capturing a tiger cub's perspective, served as a soul-stirring anthem. Digital platforms fostered interaction through UGC contests like My Tiger Tale and Young Rangers, supported by a dedicated awareness microsite.


TOI wanted to pass on the torch to the next generation. But this meant finding a new creative entry point.

So, we flipped the script. Instead of just talking facts, we humanized tiger conservation – through compelling print ads, endearing cartoons, provocative editorial pieces, and a stirring anthem from the perspective of the tiger cub.

The choice of platforms played a pivotal role in bringing the idea to life. TOI strategically selected social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to disseminate captivating stories and thought-provoking content to the digitally savvy youth. Additionally, the dedicated microsite acted as a centralized hub, empowering youth participation through user-generated content and interactive elements.

By leveraging the right digital platforms, TOI ensured that the creative campaign deeply resonated with the youth, inspiring high engagement and action.


SOS employed a 360-degree communication strategy, seamlessly integrating print, digital, social media, and on-ground efforts to entertain and educate the youth on tiger conservation.

• Print: We featured 50+ articles, 30+ satirical cartoons, crosswords & engaging contests, intriguing 10+ print ads to cut through the clutter.

• Digital & Social: Initiatives included the soul-stirring Tiger Anthem, podcasts, topical videos, UGC contests, and a dedicated microsite.

• On-ground activations: We involved school students and organized the Young Rangers contest, offering a chance to explore Tadoba Tiger Reserve with S. Nallamuthu. Furthermore, the anthem was launched at the MoEF office by the environment minister.


The campaign proved to be a massive success, especially with the youth.

1. Engaging the youth

• TOI's microsite, featuring the Tiger Anthem, attracted more than 6 million new users

• The SOS YouTube channel gained almost 14,000 subscribers, showcasing the campaign's appeal to the digitally active youth.

2. Next generation picks up the torch – School students drove 6.6% of YouTube traffic, actively engaging with content and becoming influential contributors to the tiger conservation movement.

3. Performance metrics

• Reach – 223+ Million

• Engagement 117+ Million

4. Exceptional Interest and Participation:

• The campaign garnered a CTR of 3.21% on Facebook, surpassing the industry average of 0.9%.

• The Tiger Anthem video gathered a whopping 102 million views.

• The average viewing time of 1.5 minutes on YouTube far exceeded the industry average of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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