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DDB UK, London / VOLKSWAGEN / 2010







A year on from the launch of the new Scirocco, advertising budgets had suffered from the effects of a struggling economy, leaving one of the best looking and highly regarded performance cars in the Volkswagen portfolio to speak for itself. Volkswagen's Agency set out to find an unconventional and low cost solution to drive awareness around the Scirocco to a niche audience of performance car enthusiasts. Top Gear has replicated many of Volkswagens creative ideas within its review segment of the show, such as Night Drive for the Mercedes CLK Black. Using this to their benefit, Volkswagen’s Agency approached Top Gear with the challenge to create a TV ad for the Scirocco. They accepted the challenge and created a 21min 20sec episode featuring the Scirocco in eight 30 second ads, broadcast in over 100 countries and viewed by 350 million worldwide.


The programme originally aired on BBC 2 in the UK, and subsequently broadcast on multiple networks globally in over 100 countries and repeated on male targeted channels such as Dave. The programme was also available for repeat streaming on BBC Iplayer. As a programme supported by loyal petrol heads, it wasn’t long before the ads produced for Scirocco were posted to social sites such YouTube and Twitter, successfully spreading the content virally.


The programme content over achieved on awareness levels and was viewed by 350 million people worldwide, in over 100 countries. The Scirocco content has achieved over 1 million hits on You Tube to date. After the broadcast of the programme, the web visits to the Scirocco site on achieved record levels from 19,000 to 27,000 within one week.

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