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KING, Stockholm / TRISS / 2014

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Case Film
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What is so special with Triss? By a simple scratch you are able to win a lot of money instantly.

By telling stories in a reverse order we want show in an engaging and amusing way how a situation suddenly can change when a scratch card from Triss is scratched.


Once you have performed a search using the app and found an interesting property, you can click on the property images to view them in full screen mode. In order to properly convey the concept “scratch and win” and to ensure maximum impact, we opted not to place the usual advert between the images, but instead to have the image reveal the advert, underneath like a scratchcard as the user swipes the screen. The content is: “Would you like to be able to buy this home? It can happen in an instant! Scratch and win.”


We booked 1 500 000 viewings of both the banner and the advert hidden in the images. Hemnet worked well and Triss got 1 802 950 viewings of both the advert and banner. The banner on its own had an incredible 4 992 016 viewings which puts the total amount of viewings at 6 794 966.

The campaign generated 27 455 clicks on the banner. That is a CTR at 0.4% which means cost per click is 0.32 €, a very low cost.

All together it was a successful campaign that generated a lot of clicks in relation to the investment.

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