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MEDIA.MONKS, Buenos Aires / NETFLIX / 2023

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The main goal of this campaign was to find an effective way to get people talking about Murder Mystery 2 in Argentina, Netflix's new worldwide release.

But for Argentines, there is nothing more important than football. Really, nothing. And at the same time that the film was being released, the national football team was going to play for the first time in our country as world champions.

The excitement of having Messi and the world champions lifting the cup with the people was huge. To put this in perspective, the local media described this event as "the most important moment in the recent history of sport" and we had huge international media coverage during the two matches Argentina played against Panama and Curaçao.

So, how could an American comedy that got nothing to do with sports become relevant in this situation?


We used a subtle detail of Murder Mystery 2 plot to create a huge buzz around people. We noticed that the detectives, Aniston and Sandler, first visit an island and second, France.

We covered the city with billboards that said "First they visit an island, and second France".

Of course, we were talking about the plot of the film. But at the same time, we used the most repeated phrase in Argentina since the World Cup: "Segundo, Francia". All of this, during the national team matches, taking leverage of the world champions hype.

People went crazy and discovered the hidden message behind our copy, giving credit to Netflix as a brand that understands local insights like no other. The campaign was not only present on billboards: we also made a TV trailer, a movie spot, web banners, social media posts and much more. All with the same message.


We knew that one of the most effective ways to get people talking about Netflix campaigns is to touch base in pop culture. Even if the movie doesn't. And social media was the perfect place to successfully join an already started conversation.

In this case, we had our biggest challenge ahead of us: to make an American comedy that had nothing to do with sports relevant in the context of a major sporting event at the same time, knowing how much Argentinians love football.

People follow the most important sport events live on social media, so that’s what we did: we hacked every Argentina match with our campaign posts, billboards, videos and more.


On March 15th, five days before the first match of the Argentine national soccer team, we filled the city with our "And second, France" billboards and posters. Especially around the Monumental Stadium, site of the event.

In addition, we filled social media with our trailer, we intervened in the match broadcast with our ads, we were present in sports websites with banners and we even aired on television during the matches and the whole week.


+50M Reach

+500K Likes on Twitter + Tik Tok + Instagram + Facebook



+658K Total Interactions

+80M Impressions

+5M Organic views in TikTok

94% Positive Sentiment

A few hours after the premiere, Murder Mystery 2 became the most watched film in Argentina.

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