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In Malaysia, the lottery industry is a dark-market, meaning more efforts and smarter ways are required for branding. With Magnum 4D current players aging, we need to start speaking to the next generations. But today, with countless entertainment options for the young adults, lottery games simply doesn’t fit into their cool lifestyle.

Magnum Life, like many other lotteries around the world is a game that require players to pick eight numbers and if those numbers match the draw results, we have a big winner!

How can an old fashion lottery game be turned into an engaging experience for the young generations?

Marketing Objective:

Change the perception of lottery games amongst the young generations and convert them to play.

Business Objectives:

Target of 14,000 Magnum Life game e-voucher download and convert 30% of redemption in outlets.


In a world where the new generations are bombarded with a bottomless pit of distractions through entertainment and content, it’s no surprise that lottery games has further lost its relevance. We needed to inspire and attract digitalized generation to play the traditional lottery. This means, placing the idea of lottery games into their world.

Instead of following the traditional way of looking for lucky numbers, we transformed millennials’ favorite topics into number inspirations.

Our idea: Gain their attention in the era of distraction by SEEING NUMBERS behind their everyday stories. By using the digital space, we were able to change an age-old concept and hooked them with inspiration that allows them to see numbers through their topic of interest online and let them embark on a journey to a Magnum 4D store to play, giving them a full O2O experience.


Today, entertainment is all around us. Almost limitless. Think mobile games, social media, dating and e-hailing applications gamified the way to engage these young generations. So, to capture the attention and appeal to these audience, we needed to reframe lottery as part of the exciting gaming culture.

Our target audience are Millennials and Generation Z, men and women aged between 21 to 35 years old. They are the “now” generation that needs instant gratification. Digitally-savvy, in-trend and always looking at the screen. They only care for what’s in front of them.

To inspire them with lucky numbers, we know that digital and social are where our audiences are most active in, that’s our way in to their world – through their screens!


In knowing their topic of interest: fashion, fitness, food, travel and tech, we used Google News API to feed real-time news headline to our target audience’s Facebook newsfeed via popular native content and social platforms such as Taboola, ViralCham, Rojaklah, Cilisos, World of Buzz, Facebook and Instagram.

The headlines that they were reading will then morphed into 8 lucky numbers ready to be played as Magnum Life game ticket. The e-voucher will be sent through SMS for a free game, redeemable at Magnum 4D outlets.

We followed by retargeting our audience with variation of topics for those who did not download the e-voucher and constantly serving reminders, getting them to play.


• Total e-voucher downloads during campaign - 55,616 downloads, an increase by 400%.

• We garnered +48% in conversation rate, from a set target of 30%.

• Magnum Life sales increase by 1% with just minimum RM1 per play nationwide during campaign period.

• Driving an increase of 5% of new customers.

• The campaign also helped cross-gaming (other lottery games) with an additional 3% in sales.

• Garnering a media impression of +12million

• During campaign period, Magnum Life winners were made up of 20% aged between 21-35 years old, proving that younger generations have started playing Magnum Life.

• And more importantly, sales maintained even post campaign, with 15% of Magnum Life winners are below 35 years old, simply showing that our new players are coming back to play and winning.