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LEO BURNETT ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / ARCOR & CO. / 2014

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The insight is that eating chocolate is one of the few things in life that can surely make us happy. Our strategy is to achieve a position in the market as the chocolate brand that makes people happy because it is the only expert in making the best combination of flavours. It is important to also say why those combinations are relevant for the people. Life offers us no guaranties for pleasure, but when we eat Cofler chocolate we do. There is a promise of happiness. We can give you that and give you the chance to have the best pleasure experiences any time anywhere. Because there are no recipes for happiness, but there is one for Cofler chocolates. The creative solution or idea is to provide a different context to this happiness promise offered by Cofler chocolate, getting in touch with the target through a real self-help book, which is entirely made of chocolate.


The campaign is divided into different stages. Firstly, the concept of "Cofler is a guaranty of happiness” was launched through traditional channels such as T.V., graphic and street advertising. Then, the chocolate self-help book was conceived and was presented in a world class cultural event called "Book Fair," where every publishing house presents its new book releases of the year. Immediately, copies of the book were handed out to all book shops and a campaign was launched in social networks to spread the word about the case. Finally, a PR campaign was launched led by literary critics who boasted about the effectiveness of this chocolate self-help book.

The channels used were: TV, graphic, and street advertising as traditional means. Then we launched the chocolate self-help book in an event called “Book Fair”, book shops, and PR campaign.


All the copies were sold out on its first day of presentation at the Book Fair and within the first week at bookshops.

Brand´s purchase intention grew almost 16% after the campaign launch.

Return in spontaneous media: US$ 1,200,000

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