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In 2001, in France, a law was passed that every student should receive at least 3 sex education classes per year. 20 years later, only 13% of the classes are given and the content only mentions safe sex and how to avoid STIs.

As a dramatic result: young people rely on porn and its stereotypes, lack support for discussing intimacy and 62% feel their sex lives could be improved.

What if Durex, the market leader in condoms, took back the power of sex education and gave it the visibility it needed? By bringing Durex’s purpose to life in an integrated campaign, we approached sexuality in a more positive and modern way by openly discussing the real issues that matter to them.


In France, school content only deals with sex through the prism of danger and death. So we decided to update the official program by integrating pleasure and diversity for the very first time.

In an integrated campaign, we collaborated with sex influencers, content creators and their followers to explore real life topics, break down taboos and prejudices, and create content and tools that are educational, empowering, inclusive and guilt-free.


80% of 18-45 year olds think that sex education in schools is useless or can be improved. And for good reason: only 1% of the educational content is related to pleasure.

At the same time, young people have many questions and do not know who to ask. 1 out of 3 young people do not have a supportive person to talk about love or sexuality.

In 2022, Durex's objective is to inform and equip each young person correctly and claim "the right to pleasure for all".

As mobile and social media is our target’s main source of information and entertainment, we have relied on a pool of sex influencers. These real sex teachers 2.0 and their community shared reliable information and life stories to create a strong bond with our audience.


To update the sex education program, we sourced questions from followers of influencers to learn about their current concerns and needs. We then used all of this material to create our videos and the educational app. The goal: to break taboos, prejudices and educate in a relaxed and inclusive way.

The videos were released just before the summer. This is the time when students are most exploring their sexuality.

For students to open the discussion with their friends or partners, we created a fun app using all the questions and answers. With this mobile app, we democratized sex education in everyone’s hand.

To enrich the platform, we collaborated with the biggest festival in France: Solidays. Quizzes, talks, billboards, sampling... For the first time, festival-goers were able to talk about pleasure in this festival dedicated to the fight against AIDS. All this content was broadcasted every day on our social networks.


Never before have sex education classes generated so much attention on social media. By engaging influencers, their followers, and Instagram's most followed sexologists, we were able to achieve results that matched the issue:

- 19 million global reach

- 22 million earned impressions

- 900k social media Interactions

- Tik Tok: high completion rates 23% on average

- 493K videos completed 100%


- +19.4% of volume sales vs. the period before campaigns

- Following the Solidays operation: highest SOM / value: 56.8%

- Long-term impact following the media plan: +2.8% SOM

But more importantly, three main associations that go into schools to teach sex education to students (SOS Homophobie, Sidaction and Planning Familial) use our video courses as educational tools.

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