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Verizon Media, New York / YAHOO SPORTS / 2019

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To announce their live-streaming mobile app and their partnership with the NFL (National Football League), Yahoo Sports tasked us with writing an NFL anthem song and accompanying film. Traditional NFL anthems are rather formulaic, typically featuring cheerleaders, a country music star, and a twangy chorus. It was 2018 after all, and we felt these anthems represented an outdated depiction of America for an outdated way to watch football.

For the modern home of football, we needed a modern-day anthem.

So we flipped the script and wrote a hip hop anthem with shoutouts for a new generation of football fandom. Every choice we made, from the lyrics we wrote, the artist we chose, and the fans and players we featured were selected to represent a more contemporary, accurate portrayal of present-day America, Yahoo, and the NFL.


More than a commercial, we wanted our track to be a heart-thumping, head-nodding hype song that would get every fan excited about the upcoming season and the fact that they could watch games live anywhere with their phone. With the notion of a football game in mind, we split our track into four segments to represent the four quarters of a game.

We ultimately created a song that used real-world football terminology, fan-approved references, and subtle mention of how free, live, games available on mobile could change what it means to be a modern American football fan.

Once satisfied with our final draft, we presented The Seige with our copy of “Show Me the Football.” Throughout the process, we collaborated with them to finalize the script and incorporated their signature sound of heavy, motivating drum beats, pounding energy, and expressive vocals to bring the song to life.

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