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Show Your Colors

ISOBAR SWEDEN, Stockholm / BETSSON / 2017

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Research showed that a large growth potential lies within those who define themselves as sports fans rather than just interested in sports. In order to become relevant to the target audience and generate true engagement Betsson needed to tap into what already engages and defines the fans - Their Passion For Their Teams, and the existing rivalries between the teams in Allsvenskan.


We decided to give fans of Allsvenskan control over 52 digital out of home units in Stockholm where Allsvenskan rivalry between the city's big teams are at a boiling point. This way they could paint the city in their colors without using spray cans or stickers.  


When first visiting the website, fans got to register an account and choose their favourite team. And then the games began. Your mission was to locate a sign, walk within 10 meters of it and simply change the color of the flag and the message using the website. The more signs you got, the bigger your reward got. But the grand prize was a collective one... 


The supporters of the winning team received 30 000 kr for a big tifo. Using football podcasts, banners and of course the signs themselves to amplify the initiative, Show your colors was soon shared in various supporter forums. 


The result was massive! The average time spent on site reached 1 min 10 seconds and the time spent in front of the signs skyrocketed from about 1.5 seconds in normal outdoor campaigns to well over 20 seconds! On top of that bets on Allsvenskan reached an all time high. Compared to the same period last year bets placed by new customers increased by 21%, the number of existing customers betting on Allsvenskan increased by 89% and the total number of bets placed increased by *drum roll* 410%!

All in all Show your colors was a major success, driving both the business and proving that anytime is playtime with Betsson.

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