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PEREIRA & O'DELL, San Francisco / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2017

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To get the message across Pantene wanted a commercial talking about how you could take shorter showers. But since no one watches commercials in the shower we made something to remind them to take shorter showers while actually showering.

The Pantene ShowerGlass: A sustainable and reusable band featuring a five minute hourglass. With a call to action to “Flip To Save Water” the ShowerGlass was designed to cut shower times in half and help save up to 25 gallons of water per shower.

Simply flip, shower and save.


For 8 weeks, The Pantene ShowerGlass was available with select Pantene products in 28 Vons Pavilion Boutique stores in Southern California. The ShowerGlass itself featured simple a call to action to “Flip To Save Water” to help consumers take shorter, more effective, showers. The specially made silica band is also sustainable, as it’s designed to be transferable and reusable on all Pantene Pro V 12.6oz bottles, rather than disposed after a single use.


4,000 ShowerGlasses distributed and sold in-store is estimated to save 3.25M+ gallons (12.3M+ LITERS) of water.

Secured 130.3M+ impressions and reach 211.8M+ consumers on social, inspiring them to make a difference on an issue facing Southern California

Generated 2.2M+ engagements from consumers via “likes” and comments about the initiative, showing the program resonated well with consumers.

Positive comments received on social media include:

- “Keep conserving that water!”

- “What an amazing campaign!”

- “It's so important for all of us to do our part and what we can to help ”

P&G also received several inquiries asking to expand the initiative to other drought stricken areas in and around California.

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