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Centred on the signature “Weird things happen when you stay too much inside,” this campaign illustrates the fact that when cooped up at home for too long, humans themselves become part of the décor.

We created three unique pieces for the outdoor apparel brand Siaya. The original sculptures show how staying locked up indoors makes people literally become one with their furniture.

The idea of becoming “part of the furniture” felt particularly appropriate in a year in which we’ve all been tethered to our couch, but the campaign is taking the initial idea to bold new extremes.

After 11 months of discussions between Montreal and Seoul, the time to imagine, realize and photograph the sculptures, we were finally ready to release the out-of-home visual campaign in downtown Montreal in December 2020.


Siaya is an outdoor gear and clothing supplier for outdoor lovers looking for an exclusive niche brand. The outdoor apparel market is dominated by giants; therefore, to be successful in this context you need to be bolder. Siaya is a small brand relatively new in the sector, that wants to do things differently - We wanted to create awareness for the brand with a distinctive idea, but the campaign took the idea to bold new extremes.


The work of South Korean artist Eun Sun Choi is at the heart of the project. If each visual is the result of brainstorming between the artist and the creative team, with the help of Google Translate, then it is the artistic technique, sewing, embroidery, and drawing that are the true heroes behind these three visuals.

The original sculptures were hand-woven from a traditional Korean cotton fabric called Kwangmok. Each character is paired with an object, as for example a sofa, giving them a strange shape; like a distorted human body –This was our attempt to show how staying locked up indoors makes people literally become one with their furniture. The artist used traditional oriental paints to bring out the intended vivid tones and avoid distorting the colours.


The three visuals were displayed on alternating digital billboards in six locations in downtown Montreal in December 2020.

The campaign was coverage in a major Canadian advertising publication, selected as Lurzër's Archive ad of the week, selected as one of the five best ads in the world by AdForum for the week of November 30.

Following this first collaboration, the company found a North American distributor and presentations to buyers saw close to a 40% increase.

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