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In order to show the benefits of high strength steel versus aluminium, Chevy built a controlled test facility for a three-day activation where 200 real Truck Guys (not actors) were recruited for an exclusive experience. They were put into an enclosed room with two large metal cages—one made of high-strength steel and the other made of aluminium. After the guys walked around to gauge each cage’s strength, a 700-lb grizzly bear was released into the room. When it came time to step into a cage and slam the door, all of the Truck Guys made the obvious choice: the high-strength steel cage — proving that, if you want a truck you can depend on, it certainly won’t be the aluminium Ford.


During the three-day activation, footage was gathered and used to produce video content. The “Cages” video was teased digitally with a large Facebook video execution leading into the national launch of the television spot during the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, running a total of 300 times on air in the first month. Truck blogs and automotive enthusiast websites capitalized on the activation, using the video for their own editorial. Collectively, the execution quickly shifted the conversation and removed the spotlight from the new Ford F-150 to the proven strength found in the Chevy Silverado.


The “Cages” activation played a significant role in making the Chevy Silverado the Fastest Growing Pickup Brand in America, and the top trending truck of 2015 on Google.

In July and August 2015 (the duration of this execution), month-over-month sales for Silverado vs. 2014 sales leapt 33.9% vs. 4.8% increase for Ford (July), and 11.7% vs. 4.7% (August).

In addition to sales, truck enthusiasts’ voices were heard loud and clear – the aluminium Ford F-150 doesn't stand a chance against the tested and proven high-strength steel construction of the Chevy Silverado.

The “Cages” video was posted to the Chevy Trucks page and organically reached 3.2MM unique users, sparked 56K engagements and generated 1.1MM video views, making it the best performing organic Facebook post in Chevy Trucks history.

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