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Our brief was to create a design for Yotam Ottolenghi’s newest cookbook. One that made using it in the kitchen less daunting, less complicated, and more accessible for home cooks. The book, appropriately called Simple, would have to help home cooks, with all their different styles and preferences, find it easy to choose, plan and follow every recipe.


You’ve heard the jokes about the number of ingredients required to cook an Ottolenghi recipe at home. This book is the antidote to those tropes. This was also our opportunity to create a new visual language to open up Ottolenghi’s world of taste and gastronomy.

At home, everybody cooks differently. Simple was conceived to cater to all sorts of cooks – helping them to work out which recipe is right for them for the meal at hand. It also retains the delicious and celebratory abundance that Ottolenghi is known for and makes following in his footsteps a little, well, simpler.


Brightly colour-coded and easy to follow, Simple’s pages are bursting with vibrant photography and playful design. The art direction simply showcases recipes that contain all the inventive elements and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, presented with minimal hassle for maximum joy.

Short on time, Ingredients: 10 or less, Make ahead, Pantry, Lazy and Easier than you think, the chapters are also simply named, with titles such as Noodles & Pasta, Cooked Veg, and Pudding.


With overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics and home cooks alike, Simple enjoyed incredibly strong sales in its first few months of release. Simple is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, and National Book Awards 2018 winner for Food and Drink Book of the Year. Its iconic cover also created an instantly recognisable icon with its bright lemon: a symbol bold and memorable enough to be the basis of wider marketing and design executions all around the world.

Simple was published on 06/09/2018.