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Very few people in Finland drive electric cars, because they think that there are only few charging stations. However, the clean energy company Fortum’s Charge & Drive EV charging network is the largest one in the Nordics providing with a comprehensive coverage. Our goal was to promote Fortum’s Charge & Drive network and communicate the convenience and ease of traveling with an electric car.


Fortum Singalong Shuttle is the world’s first taxi service that you pay by singing. The service is run on electric cars, so the passengers can enjoy the music without background noise and carbon emissions.

The drivers of fully electronic Singalong Shuttle cars do not accept cash or credit cards. The car keeps on moving as long as you keep on singing. The silent and smoothly moving EVs are perfect for enjoying the music and having fun as you move to your destination.


Fortum wanted to promote its Charge and Drive charging network for electric vehicles. Sustainability is often discussed in a very serious manner, so we wanted to make the theme more approachable by promoting it with an entertainment concept.

Energy is something everyone uses every day, but it is not very tangible or visible. Most of us also travel somewhere every day. Electric cars are a great way to demonstrate the comfort and convenience of a clean energy solution. Singalong Shuttle lets people to experience the benefits of clean energy first-hand while having fun. We wanted to give people a sustainable choice that is easy and entertaining in order to gain the attention of a larger public.


Fortum Singalong Shuttle service exceeded all the expectations. It was picked up by media around the world in 67 countries. The estimated earned media reach was an amazing 548 100 000, worth over 5 070 000 euros (30*costs). In addition to vast media coverage in Finland, the biggest earned media hits include The New York Times, Mashable, The Independent, The Huffington Post as well as publications in Australia and Asia.

The teaser and after movie videos made for the campaign were watched over 273 100 times and the video generated 8 300 engagements. Earned social media reach exceeded 7 900 000 and was worth over 73 400 euro.

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