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skinmade "Made by your skin."

KOREFE, Hamburg / Skinmade Stuttgart / 2019

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There are as many skin types as there are people on this planet. Obviously normal off-the-shelf creams cannot take individual differences of a person’s unique skin into account. The beauty market already offers countless products, but unfortunately nobody really knows what their skin actually needs. Furthermore, 80% of people asses their skin type completely wrong, hence why they grab the wrong products from the shelf.


Beauty brands with big budgets compete for attention, that’s why we created the opposite of a brand that is persuasive but ultimately misleading. We use facts, the newest scientific skin research, artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology to develop a product and a brand that truly care for your skin.


Nothing can tell us more about the skin than the skin itself. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we have developed a process to analyse the individual skin type and the condition of it in store. The information gathered is used to create an individual skincare product in store within a few minutes.

The process takes three biomarkers of the skin into account: elasticity, moisture and fat content. An AI records this information and aligns it with the existing database. This enables the AI to create a bespoke-made and individual formula for each skin. This formula is then used to produce a product in a mini-factory in store in under a few minutes.

The information is updated each time a customer uses „skinmade“ in store. So it can change the product formula according to the actual condition of the skin, taking parameters like summertime, wintertime, etc. into account.


In collaboration with Douglas Pro, the first machines were put to the test in several cities starting at the end of 2018, introducing one of the most innovative cosmetic products to the world. Customers and the media are reacting with positive ratings and excited feedback. Or as Grazia Magazine describes it: Absolute Highlight.