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DRAFTFCB BRASIL , Sao Paulo / SKY / 2012

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SKY, a cable TV provider, was one of the Rock in Rio Festival sponsors. In order to stand out among countless sponsors, SKY decided not to be just a sponsor, but a perpetrator of the passion for Rock as well. That’s how the project, 'Rock In Rio Babies', started, a 3-phase-action which would guarantee a long life to rock. In the first phase pre-event, we found stories about children whose parents met at previous festivals. This material originated 3 mini documentaries of 5 minutes each and advertorials in magazines. In the second phase, during the event, we set up a Rock Altar where any couple could get married in the name of rock, in a themed ceremony. In phase 3, post-event, we took the 'marriage in the name of Rock' to Facebook with a promotion in which the couple with the highest number of guests would win a Honeymoon in Las Vegas - an action that was able to provide visibility and make the brand be commented on before, during and after the event. And most importantly: we guaranteed the existence of future Rock in Rio Babies, which makes the passion for rock go on for generations. Reinforcing key PR, we can affirm that the brand awareness was more than our competitors and that SKY used just a tight budget. Furthermore, we won spontaneous media maximising the investment with only a big idea.


The project 'Rock in Rio Babies' was divided into 3 phases:Phase 1 – Pre-event: To inspire rock lovers’ couples, we looked for stories from children whose parents met in one of the festival’s previous editions. Their stories originated advertorials in magazines and 3 mini documentaries of 5 minutes each, aired on internet and TV.Phase 2 – During the event: it was time to join the new couples. In order to do that, we created the Rock Altar inside Rock in Rio 2011, where any couple could get married in the name of Rock, in a thematic ceremony.Phase 3 – Post-event: Marriage in the name of Rock went to Facebook through a promotion. The couple who got the biggest number of guests on their virtual marriage, would win a Honeymoon in Las Vegas. By doing that, we guaranteed the existence of future 'Rock in Rio Babies'.


The project was very successful, people enjoyed it, and the project reverberated throughout Brazil, adding:• 17,100 weddings on Facebook• Approximately 98,000 people invited on Facebook.• 1,832 weddings during the festival• The action became an article in one of the shows with the highest audience in Brazilian television: 'Fantastico'• The couples who participated became an article in the magazine with highest circulation in the country: 'Veja'• The action was reported by the 'Terra' portal and several blogs• Inspired by the project, a couple contacted Rock in Rio production and asked for permission to get married for real, during the festival.• It is estimated that more than 43,000,000 people were impacted by the action.• The value of free media conquered by the action exceeds US$4,668,900.

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